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In this context, SpareBank 1 wanted to promote a new insurance package tailor-made for young people. Our solution was to create a universe Dating norway in Bergen an unfamiliar yet genuine Norwegian band, which disappeared from the Norwegian rock scene sometime in the 90s, and follow them through smashed guitars and stolen bandwagons. The Norwegian Postal Services has been in constant change the past 350 years, but it is easy to confuse change with closure when the post office moved into food stores and the increase of email compared to snail mail. We wanted to show people the big picture. We let one of the most famous poets in Norway tell why Posten is in constant change, and always will be. Through short films we explained the different attributes and why we offer them. Stating the obvious through our very own supersimple science. Norwegian is a low-cost airline. Their competitors offer all inclusive tickets when Norwegian offer a basic product without extras at a lower price. You pay for what you need and not for everyone else. To prove that Norwegians model is better, we increased the prices and tested "all inclusive" for a day. This campaign outperformed all previous Go Viral campaigns in Norway and had 3 of the top 5 viral films in Denmark. The FB ads had almost 100 000 clicks and 85 000 users shared, commented or liked the commercials. Arrangements that usually are promoted on noticeboards in the local store. Then we developed print ads that presented each happening in relevant executions, and with a unique response option on each ad. This proved that the promoted event actually was real. We bought the most visible media surfaces in Norway: spreadsheets in the three biggest national papers. Posters made n connection with the launch of the new communication platform. All miniatures are handmade and displayed in its full size. We let the advertisement reflect it in a series of movies where guys from Voss is trying to create their own twists on typical advertising approach. The dialect in the commercial supports the fact that this is both a sausage and advertising from the people who actually lives there. Norwegian Airlines wanted to draw attention to trips to warmer places during winter. We decided to engage people in a phenomenon that happens in Norway every winter: Lack of direct sunlight reduces the bodys production of vitamin-D drastically, and makes the skin loose glow and natural color. So we developed an software that could measure the saturation and the greyness in peoples skin. Then we made an live-event combined with digital screens on Oslo Central Station. Here people could compete in being the most winterpale person in Oslo. We wanted to make a campaign that showed our empathy with all parents who try to get their children to eat healthy. Print Translation: "The lion sneered, did they really expect her to eat rabbit food. Our task was to promote the celebration was to be a star-studded anniversary concert in Telenor Arena. October is one of the coldest and rainiest months in Norway. By showing people how much rain they are exposed to, together with an easy and cheap way to get to sun, we gave them no excuse to stay in Oslo. Fretex is a secondhand clothing chain operated by the Salvation Army. Oslo Fashion Week was a big annual happening for the Norwegian fashion industry, and it was a goal for Fretex to be a part of it. The main objective was to create publicity in the media about Fretex and their secondhand operation, and the fact that they need more clothes for their operation. Secondly, the objective was to lead fashion-oriented bloggers, journalists and people working within the fashion industry to Fretex Fashion on Facebook. The target was everyone involved in the fashion industry, but also most people in Norway that have an interest in fashion. We encouraged dyslexics from all over Norway to send us their strangest and funniest experiences. The best number we achieved was still zero:Zero complaints of inappropriate behavior or harassment. The campaign resulted in 2. QUEEN SONJA PRINT AWARD -Queen Sonja Print Award was founded by H. So when we wanted to tell people they could now donate clothes at the Post Office,We needed to do something unexpected that caught attention. Special thanks to Chris de Burgh for great composing skills. Production: One Big Happy Familywww. They had the desire to be the people's airline. More than 50,000 Nato troops, 250 aircraft, 65 ships and 10,000 vehicles are exercising in Norway, Iceland and Finland as part of Trident Juncture, the biggest Nato drills since the Cold War. But it has emerged that Russia will hold missile tests from ships off the Western coast of Norway from Thursday to Saturday. While the bulk of the war games will take place in central Norway, some operations will take place on the coast and in the Norwegian Sea.

The Norwegian serious dating sites
Vi hjelper deg gjerne. Godta Ler mer JavaScript is disabled on your browser. Please enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser to use this site. Vestfold is the smallest and one of the most densely populated counties in Norway. Vestfold is easily reached by air to Torp Sandefjord Airport, or by ferry with daily departures from Denmark and Sweden. Kart over Vestfold fra googlePhoto: Map of Vestfold Interactive map of Vestfold. Find attractions, activities and accommodation on the map. Photo: Erik Anderson - Merlot Reiser Self-guided bike tour Explore Sedious and the Oslo fjord from your bicycle. Photo: Didrick Stenersen The Viking Trail through Vestfold Vestfold is the county in Norway boasting the most traces of our proud Viking heritage. The following list covers all vacancies at KONGSBERG.

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Michelsen Institute is an independent research foundation established in 1930 focusing on human rights and development issues. The Norwegian Institute of Marine Research has been located in Bergen since 1900. It provides research and advice relating to ecosystems and aquaculture. It The Norwegian serious dating sites a staff of 700 people. Bergen is the main base for the Royal Norwegian Navy (at Haakonsvern) and its international airport Flesland is the main heliport for the Norwegian North Sea oil and gas industry, from where thousands of offshore workers commute to their work places onboard oil and gas rigs and platforms. Prior to the Rolling Stones concert in September 2018, many hotels were already fully booked several months in advance. Bergen is the southern terminus of Hurtigruten, the Coastal Express, which operates with daily services along the coast to Kirkenes.

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The trolleybus system in Bergen is the only one still in operation in Norway and one of two trolleybus systems in Scandinavia. Other newspapers published in Bergen include the Christian national ONrwegian, with a circulation of 8. The city also features Carte Serikus, the Norwegian national company of contemporary dance. Norwevian annual Bergen International Festival is the main cultural festival, which is supplemented by the Bergen International Film Festival. Two internationally renowned composers from Bergen are Edvard Grieg and Ole Bull. Grieg's home, Troldhaugen, has been converted to a museum. Founded in 1850, it had Henrik Ibsen as one of its first in-house playwrights and art directors. Bergen's contemporary art scene is centred on BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen Kunsthall, United Sardines Factory (USF) and Bergen Center for Electronic Arts (BEK). Bergen was a European Capital of Culture in 2000. Brann play their home games at the 17,824-seat Brann Stadion. Its predecessor, Fyllingen, played in the Norwegian Premier League in 1990, 1991 and 1993. Bergen IK is the premier men's ice hockey team, playing at Bergenshallen in the First Division.

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Tertnes play in the Women's Premier Handball League, and Fyllingen in the Men's Premier Handball League. Bergensk is the native dialect of Bergen and a variation of Vestnorsk. It was strongly influenced by Low German-speaking merchants from the mid-14th to mid-18th centuries. During the Dano-Norwegian period from 1536 to 1814, Bergen was more influenced by Danish than other areas of Norway.

The Danish influence removed the female grammatical gender in the 16th century, making Daating one of very few Norwegian dialects with Thd two instead of three grammatical genders. The Rs are uvular trills, as in French, which probably spread to Bergen some time in the 18th century, overtaking the alveolar trill in the time span of two to three generations. This led to dxting parts of the German-inspired vocabulary disappearing and pronunciations shifting slightly towards East Norwegian. Bergen Norwefian the host city for the 2017 UCI Road World Championships. The city is also a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the category of gastronomy since 2018. Soon after, the city brought up the most famous The Norwegian serious dating sites artist seriosu Norway: Dolk. A well-known Norsegian of the same name is now situated at another location in Bergen.

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The vating was erected in 1990 by sculptor Kari Rolfsen, supported by an anonymous donor. Each year Bergen donates the Christmas Tree seen in Newcastle's Haymarket as a sign of the ongoing friendship between the sister cities. Bergen received a totem pole as a gift of friendship from the city of Seattle on the city's 900th anniversary in 1970.

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It is now placed in the Nordnes Park and gazes out over the sea Nofwegian the friendship city far to the west. The various addresses in Bergen, each belong to one of the various grunnkrets. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThis article is about the city in Norway. For other uses, see Bergen (disambiguation). Please update Ths article to reflect recent events or newly available information. The whole country, counties sires municipalities". Retrieved 19 July 2018. Store norske leksikon (in Norwegian). Retrieved 8 January 2018. Archived from the original on 2018-05-26. Retrieved 7 July 2018. Framskrevet 2018-2030, alternativ MMMM" (in Norwegian). Archived from the original on 18 January Norqegian. Archived from the original on 5 October 2017.